Team Staff Certification Requirements


The deadline for coaching, volunteer, safety volunteers, managers and any additional bench staff is December 1, 2022 (The only exception to this rule happens if you are registered for a coaching course that is taking place after the December 1, 2022 date but you must be registered before December 1, 2022)

Current Coaches - please log into your profile on the Hockey Canada Registry to view what credentials you have that are current and what is expired. One of the reasons the registry was created was so coaches and volunteers could have access to their own credentials at any time. 
How to set up a new Hockey Canada login in and/or link an existing profile (exhisiting would mean you had an ehockey account previous to this season) HCR 3-0 Guide - Setting Up Your Account
What Certifications are Required for my position? 
Locate your position on the chart below to view what is required. 
*** On ice helpers for U7 and U9 are also considered coaches and must complete the exact same qualifications.
Please note: 
  • A Coaches are ALL required to have HU Safety
  • B and C teams only require 1 coach to have HU-Safety. Please make sure you discuss this among your team staff to ensure 1 person is current with this certification

Coaching Credentials

How to register for any online coaching courses  - Click here
This includes: 
1. Intro to Coaching - the course required for anyone coaching (including on ice parent helpers) at the U7, U9  and any C Level Hockey. This course is divided into 2 parts:   
A. HU-1/2 (the online pre requisite) and 
B. Intro to Coach 
2.  Development 1
3. HU-Safety
4. HU- Planning a Safe Return to Hockey.
***All team staff are required to be certified in HU-Planning a Safe Return to Hockey. This course is free. See above to register and complete***
Criminal Record Check & Vulnerable Sector Search (Volunteer Screening)
  • Do you need to update your Criminal Record Check? (a new one is necessary every three years)
  • Please click on this link and ensure you complete the vulnerable sector search. 
    • PLEASE NOTE: The cost of the Criminal Record Check for a volunteer is $30. When you get to the payment page and the amount is $67.85 STOP EVERTYING and call 1-877-455-6730. This is the number for They will help you get to the correct check for the correct price ($30). 
    • Please submit your receipt to admin@halifaxhawks to be reimbursed. Receipts that are more than $30 will not be reimbursed and it will be up to the individual to correct this situation in order to have the necessary Criminal Record Check.
Respect In Sport for Hockey Canada Activity Leaders


     Things to know about this online course:
  • It will take approximately 3 hours in total to complete, however:
  • You do not have to complete it all at one time. You can stop and start at any time. The course is automatically bookmarked from where you stopped the next time you log in. 
  • Please once completed, please forward your receipt to for reimbursement.


Are you the Safety Rep for your team? 

You are required to complete HU-Planning a Safe Return to Hockey and well as complete a Criminal Record Check through The Vulnerable Sector Search is not required for this position.

Are you a Dressing Room Supervisor assisting with the 2-Deep Policy?

Please see the policy from Hockey Nova Scotia - Dressing Room Supervision Policy

In order to hold this position you must:

  1. be added to the roster for the team you are helping with
  2. complete Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders (see above for instructions to complete this course)
  3. complete your Criminal Record Check AND Vulnerable Sector Search via mybackcheck (see above for instructions)