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Responsibilities of a Team Manager: 

? Assist with planning, organizing, scheduling and coordinating of team events and related activities as requested by the Head Coach;

? Adhere to all rules, policies and regulations of the Association, Hockey Nova Scotia and Hockey Canada; Work closely with the coaching staff on all team matters;

? Act as parent liaison for the team;

? Call team parent meetings as requested by the Head Coach and distribute any team information to the parents;

? Assist the coaches in arranging travel permits, sanctioning approvals for exhibitions games, and developing itineraries as requested;

? Make arrangements for all team fundraising in accordance with guidelines provided by the Association;

? Ensure the team has a suitable First Aid kit at the bench each game and practice;

? Maintain a complete set of any parental consent forms and medical history forms to be available at every game and practice;

? Ensure an Injury Report form is to be filled out and delivered to the Vice President, Risk Management, as soon as possible any time a player/coach sustains an injury;




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